Why Choose Sunlit?

Sunlit Merchant Services was established to help business owners save money on processing costs. Where other companies in the merchant space pillage businesses on rates and fees we at Sunlit have long term goals and look at ourselves as a growth partner helping each and every client reach their business goals. We have long term ambitions and value integrity.

Restaurant credit card acceptance can be an intimidating process but with Sunlit we have all the tools to help you with efficiency. With Clover, our new POS system, your waiters can take orders, trade shifts and see a live feed of available tables. Clover also includes robust reporting, tokenized and encrypted transactions and can still conduct transactions even in offline mode. Clover mobile also enables your business to operate with the latest and greatest technology while also mitigating data breaches.

Mobile payment processing can help make your business on the go convenient for you and your clients. We have a number of solutions tailor made to fit your business needs. Whether you are a contractor, a private fitness instructor or have a delivery business we can help you strategize for success.

As the owner of an e-commerce business there are a million things you have to oversee in order to ensure business is running smoothly. We will set you up with a terrific rate on your payment processing and gateway so you can minimize your costs, maximize your profitability and focus on driving your sales and conversion.

Improve Your POS by Merging Your Storefront & Website
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Improve Your POS by Merging Your Storefront & Website

You spend time working to build your business by marketing the store to bring in consumers, advertising your specials, and contacting all interested parties so everyone knows who you are and where you can be found. Not only have you been doing all the above every month you have gone the extra mile to create an ecommerce […]