Top two restaurant POS systems for 2015

There are multiple restaurant POS (point of sale) systems that have come onto the market since the POS has been created. The problem with doing POS every restaurant differs from one another in size which means every dining place will have various needs because of monthly budget. This is a very important factor but more important about using the POS system is it must comply with regulatory needs every business owner does during the daily operations. That’s not too much to ask is it?

One would think it isn’t a lot to ask for standard features as they should be quite simple for a business to live up to right? Yet when researching the many restaurant POS systems on today’s market here are certain ones that stood out because they were working for the business and wanting a restaurant to have the best POS system for their environment:

  1. Touch Bistro is a choice restaurant POS system for all dining establishments of any type because of the multiple features that come with it. Not only is this a wonderful working solution the point of sale ease provides your staff the capability to allow the customer ability to check out at their table which gives them privacy, customer service, and quality satisfaction dining at your establishment.
  2. Got Merchant is a restaurant POS system solution for various restaurants including bar establishments that are serving food. Got Merchant will provide software, hardware, installation of the item including staff training. They will also answer questions and provide support when it is needed. All of the above is completed for a small monthly fee per each station. That fee covers technical support and a lifetime warranty of the equipment itself.

Visit Sunlit Merchant Services to find the right restaurant POS system for your business and budget.