Security breach at LoopPay Inc

A Chinese hacker ring known as the Codoso Group also known as Sunshock Group is under security breach as they have allegedly broken into the computer network company known as LoopPay, Inc. What is more frustrating about this security breach as some may see is the day these alleged hacks began is as early as March 2015, quite disturbing considering time and location of activity. As of now there are investigative teams working on the matter to determine further information concerning the breach and the infestation of the computer system.

Because of cyber protection and high security from LoopPay the alleged hackers were only able to obtain technology information. Furthermore, even though the security breach did damaged items they have been removed and placed into another area away from all other operating computer equipment to ensure safety. Lastly, no personal payment or customer information was exposed at any time to this security breach.  Because of this security breach hacking attempt, further security is being used as Codoso hackers are known to use specific coding in an attempt to break through a security breach once again.

Cyber technology is something all business must make use of any more due to the above issue as we need to protect our customers and our data from being taken out of our computer systems. It is highly suggested to ensure your computer system is safe and well equipped with security to manage the traffic taking place on the Internet highway.