POS system Orange County

When you are the business owner needing a replacement or brand new  POS system (point of sale) it is safe to assume there will be a list of questions. Many business owners who need this type of equipment will first check within their business network then seek for answers with persons they have in their business resource list. The next step is to begin seeking for a POS system locally by using the Internet and paying close attention to information and the customer reviews. The business owners of Orange County can browse the Internet for POS systems but to save them some time here is a short list that may be of assistance:

  • POS Xtreme – Can provide your business with POS system equipment, the install, and provide technical support as required; provides warranty on hardware and constant maintaining of service; ensures credit card process works by end of day so there is no delay in equipment setup
  • Aloha SDCR Business Systems – A business that can design and integrate any type of POS needed for retail software and management solutions a business is in need of to maintain specific data capturing.
  • Custom Business Solutions – Technology is created, sold, and serviced for the food industry in Orange County. Business product line includes entry systems, viewers, and touch pads. Company works with restaurant chains and the individual restaurateur.
  • Sunrise POS – Company is able to provide restaurant POS, retail POS, digital signage, and iPad systems. They also will provide the needed support, training, and solutions required so everyone authorized will understand the POS being used within. Fine details will be discussed during consultations of what gets provided with each POS system.
  • TEAM Business Solutions – Provides a user-friendly and simple POS solution for the grocery, retail, and hospitality industries.

Sunlit Merchant Services provides restaurant POS solutions for large and small business owners, check them out today!