MasterCard Express enters the digital wallet group

As of September 8, 2015 MasterCard Worldwide introduced a new program to consumers and business owners named MasterCard Express. This particular program is digital wallet based and will allow ease in how it is used in performing transactions between card users, accounts, and financial institutions. What gives the MasterCard Express more of a benefit is this item can be used through a mobile device. It might sound too good to be true as but in actuality it is the technology and security used when MasterCard Express credit card has been designed that gives the consumer the ability to use a credit card in this way.

The MasterCard Express credit card user can securely use this method if they wish by simply taking the Express credit card and doing one of two things to make a payment transaction. The consumer would either 1) wave the MasterCard Express credit card or 2) securely tap the MasterCard Express credit card over their mobile device and the authorized payment would then be completed. How these types of mobile payments are securely done are through the programming method of using tokens.  Because mobile devices are being used more often there has been a growing trend of digital wallet technology when making payments. With that being said there are more credit card companies becoming popular because they are turning to the use of providing a digital wallet and providing the consumer with this ability. Credit card capability on the market at this time is Android Pay and Samsung Pay but it is just the beginning of secure digital payment growth as this trending area will become larger over time.

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