Is your business ready for Android Pay

Many persons are aware of the word Android is because there are smart phone owners who use Android. Some persons raise their eyebrow when hearing Android + Pay together even though it came about as of September 10. What this Android mobile application capability has done is given smart phone users the ability to make payments using credit and debit cards. What is more intriguing about this application is has been supported by the four major credit cards including the United States banks as well as the credit unions.

What gives Android Pay the ease to be liked by many persons who use smart phones is due to how it has been created as the application is available to users who obtain cellular services through AT&T, Verizon Wireless and also T-Mobile. If other cellular users are interested in obtaining the usage of Android Pay there are two ways to obtain it: 1) Google Wallet and 2) Google Play. You must be an existing user of Google Wallet to obtain the Android Pay application. If not, you can easily download the Android Pay application through Google Play.

Even though point of service (POS) vendors have been preparing for this mobile capability over time the question of security is on many minds especially due to the type of data used for authorizing and making of payments. What makes the Android Pay secure is in the transmission because there are no account numbers ever used to process payments. How is this so? Quite easily, the use for doing this is by usage of virtual account numbers to always keep account numbers safe during the transaction of payments.

Android Pay rolled out early September as a new smart phone application for Android phone users but with that being said is your business environment prepared to handle the new mobile application?