Facebook and Twitter are growing into eCommerce territory

Could you imagine sitting at your computer chatting away with your friends on Facebook some evening then with one mouse move making the purchase of a facial cleanser? The process seems too easy but Facebook developers are developing ideas to make this become reality. Twitter on the other hand has already gone one step further and purchased CardSpring as of July 17. What makes Twitter one step above is they now have the credit card capability to begin trial coding for e-Commerce. That is a very exciting line of progression.

Of course everything takes time especially in the world of programming and code. Facebook has never been one to rush on matters and it would be fair to say Twitter will not rush on this project either. According to Information Week, Facebook has been able to make enough progress in the area of coding to begin testing on product purchasing from users; that is progress. Facebook is thinking the ecommerce coding issue through to ensure all customers who choose to purchase an item have secure and encrypted data.

It is a fair statement in saying Twitter and Facebook are aware there will be certain challenges to face after the completion of e-Commerce coding. The best way to manage those challenges is to work through them one at a time and determine how each challenge will affect the consumer in the end.