Facebook then and now

Remember when Facebook social media came about as it seemed to be a gathering place where many could join together, begin a discussion on various topics or even create a group aka community as it is called in which people could join and discuss everything from health, lifestyles, crafts, and anything imaginable. Yes, Facebook even went as far as having some interesting and at times dare I say addictive games once you began playing them.

Over the years Facebook grew in user base and also in how they managed controlling the interface of this social media. Multiple advertisements did appear but what made the social media so appealing at the time and still keeps members joining is it being a free social media that can be used by individuals, small business owners, and organizations. What has made this social media stand out above others is they stay in touch and above with the happening trends that are taking place and what consumers and business owners seek research for when reading the social media trends.

For example, many social media users will keep in touch with family and friends that live long distance because the Internet allows them to keep easy contact with one another; Facebook makes contact even easier. Business owners like to have the ability to advertise their product or services and using the Internet plus social media business owners will have the ability of marketing and advertising. Plus there is also an option of creating a free page to further define their business and what is being offered to consumers. An important development step Facebook has taken for business owners is to provide the shopping cart button.  This is a helpful tool plus an exciting feature as any consumer using a desktop or cell phone can easily make a purchase after reading a business advertisement by pressing the button plus they will never leave Facebook.

This newly featured shopping button could be considered one of the easiest ways business owners can sell their products and services to Facebook users directly from their website. It is fair to say Facebook has come a ways since first created and it will be quite interesting to see what new features the social media can next build to assist business owners in daily operations.