Do you Need a Fresh Perspective on Your Merchant Processing Pricing?

Every business owner is already getting started strategizing on how they can increase their business sales and activity in 2016.  Many of them are considering new sales approaches, products to offer and promotional ideas in order to pique interest and increase their numbers.  One thing many business owners tend to overlook is whether or not they are getting the best quality customer service and pricing from their merchant processor.  Consider a few questions when you think of your processor.

  • Does your merchant processor expedite your needs when you have an emergency or need assistance?
  • Do you feel valued by your processing company and that they appreciate your business?
  • Does your merchant processor educate you on different thing you can do to avoid chargebacks or protect your business from fraud?
  • Do you think you could be saving more money on your merchant processing fees?
  • Do you understand what you are currently paying on your processing fees today?

If you answered no to any of these questions it would be advantageous to contact an expert at Sunlit Merchant Services to find out how you can lower your processing costs and get better service than you ever thought possible.

Email your most recent merchant processing statement to or fax directly to 858-408-1988 with a cover sheet and your contact information and one of our experts will get back in touch with you as soon as possible to help you make 2016 the best year of business yet.