Could Walmart have a better e-commerce plan than Amazon

This is quite the news about e-commerce and also business news for Walmart Stores, Inc when there is discussion of making the online business growth bigger and better in comparison to what Amazon currently has now. Many investors are paying close attention as this type of e-commerce will be a costly growth at first but Walmart feels with their multiple distribution network points it could actually be more beneficial and much easier to handle because of their large distribution centers.

Walmart is prepared to invest as well as begin testing their planned shipment program to put Amazon competition straight on and do everything possible in beating the shipment prices of said rival. There are intentions of building profit margins to show the plan of e-commerce is a positive outlook and can continue online growth using the 4,500 stores in daily operation. The best deal Walmart has come up with to compete against Amazon’s Prime is having your total Walmart bill equal $50 and your order will be free shipped to you within three days. When using Amazon’s Prime the cost is a $99 annual fee. Most consumers have a monthly budget to work with when paying bills. This Walmart pilot testing will determine what customer can manage paying lower prices month to month.

Only time will tell with this pilot testing but the sure factor is every person shops and every consumer wants a good deal on their products. What is more important when someone orders a product online that product is expected to be delivered on time without waiting for long periods of time and if there is a chance of having free delivery service even better of a value for the price. Walmart may very well have enough brick and mortar stores to actually provide this pilot they are currently working with without too much trouble as Walmart has the distribution and the fulfillment centers to handle a large amount of customer demand and supply.