Bitcoin is in the news once again

Open Bank Vault DoorFor a bit of time the social media news has been rather silent on the activities of bitcoin being used in the global matter of currency exchange at least until now that is. As of August 24, bitcoin has come alive once again in the Middle East, Iranian market to be exact, via the launch of a business named BTXCapital. Who is his company? BTXCapital is a bitcoin exchange company based directly in Iran.

BTXCapital will perform the purchase and selling of bitcoins to provide the ability of bank transfer into or from the local Iranian Rial currency. Fees will be charged for this service and they will differ for this service. The company has spent time in writing out a financial policy for explicit details to ensure everything works correctly with consumers who wish to use this service. If anyone is interested in learning more about the company BTXCapital can be followed on Twitter or they do have the website created for visitors.

There are doubts of bitcoin returning by some after seeing what took place to the large turnover a few months ago. Considering the company is in the Middle East under different currency laws it can operate for quite some time without being effected. There are questions surfacing on how long the Iranian government will allow the bitcoin continue to be used as a financial exchange within the country. Only time will tell as to how the Iranian government can and will react to this legal concern because the bitcoin does open an entirely brand new culture market which no other business has dare attempted to market or enter.