Christmas Shoppers Card Data Compromised via Anonymous Hacking

Everyone knows the hacker group Anonymous as they are the hackers who attack in many forms. The most hacking used from these hackers has been denial of service yet there have also been other hacker attacks shown from this chaotic type group and their activities. This time of year is a busy time of year for retailers and for shoppers; one would think everyone is excited and ready for the holiday to begin never expecting any such activity to take place. Unfortunately, this hacking group chose to pounce on shoppers with hateful actions. This time Christmas shoppers were given a wrongful doing by the hack group as their personal account information was hacked into then leaked. The account usernames and passwords released total 13,000 and came from companies of Amazon, PlayStation, Xbox Live, Hulu Plus and Walmart. There are other entertainment services and retailers who were damaged as well.

As of now there has been a release from the national news on  this matter stating another hacking team named Lizard Squad is involved in this matter and the FBI is fully involved with searching on who exactly is behind the involvement of doing this. Furthermore there is belief this same hacking activity has something to do with the release of the movie “The Interview” by Sony on Christmas Day. The FBI has not given any more comments on this hacking matter and is under full investigation of what took place on Christmas Day with this hacking attack. It has clearly been stated by President Obama this type hacking action will not be tolerated by anyone and action will be taken to find the culprit or culprits involved. It is only a matter of time as to when that will happen but eventually that person or persons involved will be located and face their penalty for wrongful actions.

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