MasterCard Express enters the digital wallet group

As of September 8, 2015 MasterCard Worldwide introduced a new program to consumers and business owners named MasterCard Express. This particular program is digital wallet based and will allow ease in how it is used in performing transactions between card users, accounts, and financial institutions. What gives the MasterCard Express more of a benefit is

Is your business ready for Android Pay

Many persons are aware of the word Android is because there are smart phone owners who use Android. Some persons raise their eyebrow when hearing Android + Pay together even though it came about as of September 10. What this Android mobile application capability has done is given smart phone users the ability to make

EMV card protocol for credit card security

As of October 2015, the EMV card protocol aka Europay, MasterCard and Visa will become the standard for U.S. POS credit card security payments. The larger issue now is small business owners are not fully prepared for this credit card change taking place. The reasons for small business merchant owners not being ready for EMV