EMV chip facts you need to know

Every business owner is rushing to purchase the necessary software and hardware so the EMV chip card can be read and consumers can be assisted with their purchase. Here are the specific chip facts consumers need to be aware of. EMV chip cards are quite secure; more secure than the previous credit card. Why this

Facebook then and now

Remember when Facebook social media came about as it seemed to be a gathering place where many could join together, begin a discussion on various topics or even create a group aka community as it is called in which people could join and discuss everything from health, lifestyles, crafts, and anything imaginable. Yes, Facebook even

The EMV migration story

When the EMV migration first began every business owner who accepted credit cards became quite curious of this new technology and wanted to learn more. As business owners learned more about the EMV migration technology and the needed things involved there were some business owners who could make the upgraded change because it was affordable