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lghtldySunlit Merchant Services was founded with one primary goal in mind: Giving business owners great pricing and great service that would propel their business success forward. We don’t simply view ourselves as service providers we see ourselves as your growth partners dedicated to minimizing your costs, maximizing your profits, and making your business dreams a reality.

We boast no termination fees because we strive to be the gold standard in quality, responsiveness, communication and dedication to our clients success. We represent clients in many arenas. From e-commerce to retail, food trucks, drop shippers and restaurants to caterers, psychologists and dentists there is no limit to who we can help with merchant processing.

When you decide to work with Sunlit Merchant Services you're making the wisest decision for you and your business as you are connecting with a company who will ALWAYS go above and beyond for your best interest. Get in touch with us today to discuss getting started.

Do business conveniently, anywhere.

Whether your business is mobile, a restaurant or an e-commerce website we have a number of solutions to help your company thrive. Our knowledgable staff truly cares about our clients best interests and we will always make your satisfaction our number one priority when contemplating how best to help your business.

We have an expertise in both customer service as well as merchant processing. At Sunlit we pride ourselves on our ability to make our clients comfortable and give them a great experience whenever they wish to consult us for our input on the best move they can make to positively impact sales or operations.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions whatsoever as we truly enjoy receiving calls from our clients. If you think you’re getting a good rate and are curious about whether or not we can help you feel free to simply fax over a recent statement to 858-408-1988 and we will promptly get in touch with you and let you know what kind of savings we can provide to help you save on your bottom line.

Why Choose Sunlit?

Sunlit Merchant Services was established to help business owners save money on processing costs. Where other companies in the merchant space pillage businesses on rates and fees we at Sunlit have long term goals and look at ourselves as a growth partner helping each and every client reach their business goals. We have long term ambitions and value integrity.

Restaurant credit card acceptance can be an intimidating process but with Sunlit we have all the tools to help you with efficiency. With Clover, our new POS system, your waiters can take orders, trade shifts and see a live feed of available tables. Clover also includes robust reporting, tokenized and encrypted transactions and can still conduct transactions even in offline mode. Clover mobile also enables your business to operate with the latest and greatest technology while also mitigating data breaches.

Mobile payment processing can help make your business on the go convenient for you and your clients. We have a number of solutions tailor made to fit your business needs. Whether you are a contractor, a private fitness instructor or have a delivery business we can help you strategize for success.

As the owner of an e-commerce business there are a million things you have to oversee in order to ensure business is running smoothly. We will set you up with a terrific rate on your payment processing and gateway so you can minimize your costs, maximize your profitability and focus on driving your sales and conversion.


Visa Exploring Blockchain to Power Money Transfers

Visa’s diving into blockchain technology with a brand new project focused upon revamping remittances. Visa Europe Collab, the company’s innovation arm, is working on a proof-of-concept in order to “explore an alternative to conventional remittance processing” using the blockchain. They’re teaming up with a Bitcoin startup called Epiphyte, which helps the big financial players gain legal access to the Bitcoin blockchain. This Visa Europe Collab project has been in development...

Best Payment Processing for Merchant Services

When we are shopping online our biggest concern is, is it safe? On some websites online shopping means that you have to pay in advance and this requires credit card processing. This is when the customer questions the safety of the website, whether their payment process is protected by the proper authorities or not. Here the business has two roads, either it will get customers because of assured protection or...


Merchants Express Satisfaction Over New Poynt Terminal

Merchants are loving the new Point of Sale system known as Clover as it streamlines business practices and allows for robust programming and widget creation for developers. This new system is expected to be extremely popular in 2017 and we look forward to helping many restaurants, retail and other business types get set up with this software. If you are interested in learning more get in touch with Sunlit today.

Shopkeep Robust Inventory Tracking Applauded by Food Truck Owners

Tracking inventory can be a huge time waster for an entrepreneur attempting to scale their business. Inventory tracking is an important piece of the puzzle in ensuring all items are well stocked and you are in the best position possible to provide all of your delicacies, products and popular items for your clientele.

Interested in a walkthrough? Get in touch with us today.


E-commerce Poised to Gain in Popularity in 2017

Trends have been showing a steady and consistent growth in online e-commerce sales this past year and this increase is not set to slow down any time soon. From drop shipping to membership websites and more e-commerce is poised to be an ever burgeoning market in the coming year and in the future. If you have an e-commerce site and are looking to save on your costs get in touch with Sunlit today.

Online Marketing Poised to Increase Local Sales for Business Owners

As a local business owner it can be difficult to get the attention of your customers nearby. With online marketing through social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and LinkedIn it makes it easier to connect with your target market on the channels they already frequent.

Interested in online marketing in 2017? Ask us how we can help with a beautiful website!